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GMDSS products

The information on CARRIAGE REQUIREMENTS as well as the contents on GMDSS in general has been thoroughly researched.
However, we do not take responsibility for any mistakes or misinformation. Changes in legislation (domestic as well as international) may also take place after publication of these pages. We do our best to keep these pages up-to-date.


2-way VHF GMDSS At least three two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus shall be provided on every passenger ship and on ...

EPIRBs 406 MHz

EPIRBs 406 MHz 406 MHz EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) activate automatically when a ship sinks or can be mannually deployed.


SART Search and Rescue Transponders are a mandatory carriage item under SOLAS / GMDSS regulations. As of July 2004 each 4th life raft of certain ships has to be equipped with a SART.


SSAS SOLAS Regulation XI-2/6 requires ships to be provided with a ship security alert system. The intent of the ship security alert system is to send a covert signal from a ship that will not be obvious to those unaware of the alert mechanism. It is therefore of use in circumstances where a ship wishes to inform a person ashore about a problem while ensuring a minimum number of persons onboard are aware of the action. The procedures for the security alert are agreed with the ship’s Administration and ideally should be unique to the ship.